Take No Prisoners




Cerebrum Bioelectronics Ltd

Manufacturers of Intra-Neural Behaviour Therapy devices

Suppliers to Her Majesty’s Remote Prison Service (HMRPS UK)

Implant ID: CategoryA/male/B.Anderson

Transcript dated: 09/03/2054


‘Time to get up Ben. The day’s bright and twenty five degrees. I think you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve today. Now let’s get going with our stretch and stamina workout.

Well done. Ten minutes in the shower. Refresh and centre yourself. 

You’ve put your suit out ready like I suggested. See how easy it is to be up and out the door. It’s going to be a wonderful day. I believe in you Ben. You know that, don’t you.

You’ve got everything you need? Great. Oh, look over to your right: what do you think of the colours of those Autumn leaves? The slender branches of the tree? Aren’t they beautiful? Hold that image in your mind. You can come back to it later to anchor yourself. Your bus is here on time. See how everything’s working in your favour. Yes, the street’s noisy, and the bus is busy. Close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. In. Out. Centre yourself. It’s a short journey. That’s right. Remember, there’s no need to worry. I’m looking out for you. Breathing deep and slow. Good job Ben. 

Think about your route. Keep your focus on where you’re going. You have the address written down. Your limbic level is fine. Let’s keep it stable. Ok, do we take a right turn here? Step up the pace a bit. You don’t  want to be late. Nearly there. Let’s rehearse the meeting, preparing what you’re going to say, right? You’re going to tell her how you’ve been since your last sign in. You can be honest with her Ben, and tell her about the difficult moments, when you lost control. You can be honest with her. You didn’t endanger anyone, did you? You used your programme and refocussed, and you used your breathing and your visualisations just like you’re doing today. So just tell her you’re acknowledging your limits and you’re trying your best. Do you need to do some quick affirmations? Let’s do them together: ‘I trust myself. I’m in control of my life. I bring my inner strength to all situations’. Keep repeating them until you feel ready to go in. 

Take your time. Get comfortable now. Yes, the chair feels hard but push your back right up against it and sit straight. That’ll help. Better? Good. Your limbic level’s stable. I know you think her voice is irritating. Ok. Can you find one thing which is positive about her voice? No? Well, she has a nice smile doesn’t she? Yes, her shirt is showing the curve of her breasts. Focus on her face Ben. Relax and breathe. 

Listen to her. Be open to her support. She’s told you these parole meetings are going well. That you’ve been coping in the mainstream: in your housing, in your new job. That’s  down to your programme – you and me Ben, we’re a great team, aren’t we?

Ben, I sense you’re feeling uneasy. What is it? If it’s the claustrophobia of this small space, you can visualise the open skies and yourself free as a bird. See the blue, feel the cool breeze; you’re feeling calm now. And slowly, bring yourself back into the room. Is that better?

You’re thinking she has you all wrong. What is it that’s wrong Ben?


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